Water worldwide

More than a billion people on earth do not have access to clean drinking water. Due to the increasing world population, the worldwide demand of drinking water will keep rising in the future. In addition, the continuing climate change and the hereby caused increase of droughts and heat waves aggravate the situation dramatically. In the face of this arising challenge, there is a technological and political need for action in order to guarantee a sustainable and comprehensive supply of clean drinking water worldwide.

Harbauer cares internationally

In the past couple of years, Harbauer has targeted to develop the market in the BRICs countries India and Brasil. There have also been initial projects in Bangladesh.

Each country has its own typical specifications. The country-specific opportunities for building a site need to be aligned with the procedural requirements of water preparation. Here, user friendliness and price awareness are of great significance.

Good on its own,

together even better

Internationally, the strength of the KF-group presents itself. The variety of deployed technology ranges from pure site technology of Harbauer, to arsenic removal technology by the means of adsorbent from GEH-Wasserchemie, to the application of reverse-osmosis systems from WEIL-Wassertechnik and ROWA4You.

KF imagemap