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Groundwater treatment plant for the purification of VHH and benzene

Berlin Chemie

Ressources: Soil, Groundwater, Air

Flow rate: 60 (m3/h)

Pollutants: Arsenic, Benzene, Chlorobenzene, Volatile halogenated hydrocarbons

Processes: Biological treatment, Desorption, Iron removal, Catalytic oxidation

In operation since: Jan 2003

KF Company: Harbauer Berlin GmbH

723300 Berlin Chemie

In order to work as emission-free as possible, in addition to the desorption exhaust air, the raw water sources, the gravel filters, and the backwash wastewater tank are degassed for catalytic oxidation.

Depending on the degree of contamination of the water from each of the 30 wells, the water is either pretreated or fed directly to the joint treatment of the entire volume flow of 50 m3/h. The plant processes water with concentrations of up to 100 mg/l LHKW.

In the biological stage, the high ammonium content is reduced from more than 25 mg/I to less than 1 mg/l.

For the removal of arsenic compounds, a special arsenic absorber is used.

At the end of the exhaust air purification process, the HCl- and HBr-containing exhaust air is treated in an exhaust gas scrubber.

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