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Groundwater purification of VHHs


Ressources: Soil, Groundwater, Air

Flow rate: 30 (m3/h)

Pollutants: Volatile halogenated hydrocarbons

Processes: Activated Carbon, Desorption, Catalytic oxidation

In operation since: Jan 2016

KF Company: Harbauer Berlin GmbH

723440 MQ BUNA

For the purification of the groundwater, a three-stage stripping system with a catalytic exhaust air treatment for the first stripping stage or, in each case, an air activated carbon filtration for the exhaust air of the further stripping stages is used.

On average, feed concentrations from the four wells in operation are about 70 mg/l LHKW. The wells are operated at a total of 24.2 m3/h. The system output is a maximum of 30 m3/h. Currently, a cargo of about 13,000 kg/a of pure pollutants is being removed from the aquifer.

The purified groundwater is discharged into the Black Magpie floodplain.

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