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Construction and groundwater treatment during soil remediation

Lehrter Street in Berlin, Germany

Ressources: Soil, Groundwater

Flow rate: 10 (m3/h)

Pollutants: BTEX, MOH, PAH, Phenols

Processes: Activated Carbon, Gravel filtration, Coalescence separation, Sedimentation

In operation since: Jan 2019

KF Company: Harbauer Berlin GmbH

723463 Lehrter Str

The water flow rate from the two hydraulic safety wells is about 6m3/h. In addition, during the construction phase, the process water (charging water and water from the drainage of the lid containers) is added at about 2m3/h.

The construction and well water first enters a large 40m3 settling tank for the separation of light and heavy materials as well as for the sedimentation of sand fractions. After that, the process water enters a phase separator with a coalescence stage. In order to protect the subsequent cleaning stages, the mixed water then passes from the buffer tank via a pressure increase stage into a gravel filter for the separation of fine grain components. To remove the organic pollutants, a 2-stage activated carbon filtration (working and police filters) is carried out. The cleaning system and all lines are designed to be winter-safe.

In addition, a fully automatic PLC control (GSM) with internal operation monitoring and visualization has been installed.

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