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Chlorine gas and hall air extraction system due to aggressive hall air


Ressources: Air

Flow rate: 30.000 (m3/h)

Pollutants: Chlorobenzene, Odors

Processes: Adsorption, Chemical scrubber, Ultrafiltration

In operation since: Jan 2019

KF Company: Harbauer Berlin GmbH

723468 Chlorgasabsaugung Buchholz

For the suction, right-shaped exhaust air ducts made of poly-ethylen (PE) with suction openings run on the side walls of the storage boxes.

The polluted air is sucked in via the suction openings and then led in each case in a large exhaust airline to a drop separator made of poly-propylen (PP).

The plastic droplet separator is used to separate liquid droplets in the exhaust air in combination with an air scrubber.

The separated liquid is collected in a collecting pan and discharged via drain connection. Due to the special design of the separator profiles, separation efficiencies of over 99% are achieved for drops above the limit drop size. The droplet separator has an upstream flushing module, which serves as a gas scrubber for the acidic exhaust air. The pollutants pass from the gas to the liquid by absorption.

For the actual air delivery, a corrosion-resistant centrifugal fan made of plastic with a glass fibre plastic impeller is used. With this, throughput capacities of over 30,000 m3/h can be achieved. The exhaust air is then blown out of the hall via a chimney on the pressure side of the fan. High corrosion protection measures have been taken for the extraction system, so almost all components are made of plastic or V4A stainless steel.

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