Case Studies

Chemical company, NRW

Planning, construction and operation of a combined soil air extraction and groundwater purification for the remediation of crude oil contamination at the industrial site.

Purification in two parallel desorption lines with six desorption columns each and central, regenerative, thermal oxidation (RTO).

"Soil air extraction and regenerative, thermal oxidation"

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Creation of the detailed design for constructing a groundwater purification system based on a basic design. Delivery and assembly of a groundwater purification plant including a treatment hall, compliance with the requirements of the WHG (Water management law) and installation of a system for the pumping and seepage of purified water.

"Typical pharmaceutical pollutant contamination"

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Municipal waterworks Wuhlheide Berlin

Production and operation of a groundwater treatment plant for the remediation of pesticide contamination in the sensitive environment of the Berlin Wuhlheide drinking water protection area. The pesticides are removed by adsorption on a chemically impregnated activated carbon.

"Groundwater remediation in drinking water protection zone"

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Suction air from sewers Berlin

Investigation and identification of chemically impregnated activated carbon for the adsorption of odorous sewer exhaust air.

Planning and construction of two different extraction and cleaning systems for exhaust air treatment.

"Adsorption of odor contamination"

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Chemiepark Bitterfeld

Realization of a groundwater purification plant with a three-stage desorption and a catalytic oxidation stage, for the transfer of volatile pollutants from groundwater into the gas phase. Catalytic decomposition of the pollutants into the components water, carbon dioxide and hydrochloric acid.

"Desorption and oxidation of volatile substances"

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Seesanierung Witznitz

Pilot project for the renaturation (pH value increase) of Lake Hain near Borna. Planning and construction of a dosing system for the fully automatic production and dosing of lime milk into the lake via two dosing points.

"Sea restoration by increasing the pH value"

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Industriepark Schönebeck

Planning, construction and operation of a groundwater treatment plant for the hydraulic rehabilitation of industrial groundwater contamination.

Purification of the main pollutant cargo by means of a biological purification stage consisting of two biofestbed reactors á 20 m3.

"Biological cleaning of an industrial damage"

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Prozess­wasser b.i.o. Oberhavel

Realization of a water purification plant for the precipitation and flocculation of rainwater and process water containing heavy metals at the location of a soil purification plant.

A special feature of the system is the modular container design, so that the system can be used flexibly.

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