Ideas for a clean Environment.

Environmental Technology from a single Source

Harbauer Environmental Technology provides process engineering solutions for the purification of water, soil and air, from the planning stage to the operating stage within the bounds of clean-up operations and drinking water and process water treatment

From the planning stage to the operating stage:

Harbauer Environmental Technology develops and builds innovative technologies for the protection of the environment and for the remediation of existing damage to ecosystems, in order to remove pollutants from the air, water and soil.

For more than 30 years now, this task has been both a responsibility and a challenge for us. Our entire team takes on this responsibility worldwide. The main focus of our work is the development of new technologies and the constant improvement of established methods. In the process, both ecological and economic aspects are optimized.


We are part of the family-­run KF group of companies

The KF Group unites medium-sized companies with around 300 employees under the Kemmer / Fischer family. Our portfolio offers you comprehensive and specific services for the removal and prevention of environmental pollution in the areas of water, air, soil and special solutions.