Treating mineral waste

Construction work means shifting large quantities of soil. During 
this process, contaminated soil is often discovered, and 
remediation has to be carried out before the land can be re-
used. In the award-winning soil purification plant developed by Harbauer, building rubble and litter can also be treated so that the materials can be recycled in an environmentally 
sustainable manner. 

Modern and effective.

GBAV is a joint subsidiary of the Berlin city cleaning companies (Berliner Stadtreinigungs-betriebe) and Harbauer GmbH. It has many years of specialised experience in the treatment of mineral waste and its well-engineered plant technology with a wide range of applications enables the treatment of contaminated solids. 

These include bulk materials such as rubble from railroad works, dredged material, sediment from bodies of water and sludge which can be professionally treated by GBAV.

Range of Services

Treatment of

  • contaminated ground / building rubble

  • street litter

  • rubble from railroad works

  • water sediment

  • sand trap sediment and other mineral waste 

trading and placement of waste



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