Quality assurance

Harbauer employs academically qualified managerial staff with many years of experience in water purification. Our project management team is specialised in the engineering aspects of process technology, civil engineering, environmental technology and electrotechnology. 

Harbauer provides safety engineers, safety specialists, first aid staff, authorised personnel for hazardous materials, designated staff for environmental protection, protection of bodies of water and radiation protection, designated staff for waste and data protection, experts in WHG (water management law), and specialists in quality management and waste disposal management.

We are currently working on a quality management system which will be ISO 9001 certified. In preparation for this certification, Harbauer staff have successfully completed SGU (Health and Safety) training to attain the required safety standards for working in an SCC certified company. For the necessary analytical investigations, we work only with accredited laboratories.

Harbauer is a member of BG ETEM, the professional association for energy, textile and electro products. For compliance with health and safety principles, our staff are under constant supervision by the health and safety division of the Tiefbau Berufsgenossenschaft, a professional association for civil and underground engineering. Our staff are trained continuously, both in-house and externally, and quality assurance is safeguarded by internal and external inspections.

Our specialised internal and external accounting staff ensure that project monitoring is prompt and correct. State-of-the-art communication and data technology support our staff, enabling us to provide the client with fast and reliable information. In the case of a malfunction, our firm has an on-call service, which can summon a technician to provide emergency maintenance and clear the fault at short notice. A technician is on call every day of the week and at all times, day or night. Due to the modular construction of our plants and our storage system, we are able to deliver replacement equipment for the plant within 24 hours. Most of the spare parts are available and ready for operation in our Berlin warehouse.

Harbauer holds all of the verification documents required for working with contaminated substances and is registered as a specialised company in § 19 l WHG. Our plastics welders are also subject to regular welding inspections in accordance with WHG § 19 l. 

Work in contaminated areas and compliance with the necessary health and safety measures (BGR 128 (formerly ZH 1/183)) are a matter of course for us. Along with our own purpose-trained safety staff we are also subject to safety inspections by TÜV. (Technical Inspection Authority)