KF Group


The KF Group, founded by the Kemmer/Fischer family, is a conglomerate of several medium-sized businesses with around 300 employees. Our portfolio offers a number of services for the removal and prevention of environmental pollution.

Our competences comprises the media water, air and soil. The KF group and its members offer made-to-measure solutions for various problems, for example:


Process water treatment, ground water remediation, treatment of industrial water, ultra pure water production, treatment and production of drinking water


A flock of birds over the sea


Odour elimination, disinfection, VOC-removal, e.g. for industrial waste gases


Soil cleaning/ washing, soil disposal, well construction, geothermal drilling, explosive ordnance clearance

With the know-how of our engineers, we are constantly working on solutions for the B2B, as well as the B2C sector. Because all our companies are closely connected, you will benefit from the cross-company exchange of information between our experts.

Due to our horizontal organization structure and the fact that we appreciate each and every one of our employees, we can guarantee that our projects are executed in the best possible manner, from the planning stage all the way through to their realization. Our approach is rooted in our company tradition going back 30 years. The high number of satisfied customers both inside and outside of Germany is proof that we are on the right track. We have also established branches of our companies in India and Brazil.