Application Range

Groundwater and lake decontamination

Groundwater is the ideal drinking water. It has a neutral taste, is clear and contains essential minerals. Rivers and lakes are ecosystems which also have a major role in our water balance. Yet human behaviour and the addition of pollutants bring these systems into imbalance. 

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Drinking water and process water treatment

A global water shortage can only be prevented by intelligent water management, and taking the greatest possible care with our reserves. We are well aware of this responsibility.

Drinking water should not only be clear, but clean too.

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Air purification

Anyone who has taken a walk through the forest and breathed in the fresh air immediately notices the difference on returning to the city. The forest smells of moss, damp leaves or fresh grass, and is beneficial to our nose and lungs. City air, however, is polluted by smoke, soot, dust, aerosols, fumes and odorants. The terms smog, acid rain and respirable dust – and their harmful effects - have sadly become all too familiar.

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Treating mineral waste

Construction work means shifting large quantities of soil. During 
this process, contaminated soil is often discovered, and 
remediation has to be carried out before the land can be re-
used. In the award-winning soil purification plant developed by Harbauer, building rubble and litter can also be treated so that the materials can be recycled in an environmentally 
sustainable manner. 

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