Air purification

Anyone who has taken a walk through the forest and breathed in the fresh air immediately notices the difference on returning to the city. The forest smells of moss, damp leaves or fresh grass, and is beneficial to our nose and lungs. City air, however, is polluted by smoke, soot, dust, aerosols, fumes and odorants. The terms smog, acid rain and respirable dust – and their harmful effects - have sadly become all too familiar.

Innovative and cost effective air purification.

Harbauer is constantly developing and improving its technology for air purification. Whereas the beginning of the environmental movement was all about simple air purification plants, the challenge in air purification nowadays is defined by meeting high eco-logical demands in a cost effective manner, from the planning to the application of the process. Whether it is unpleasant smells from manhole covers bothering us, or the question of eliminating industrial production fumes, we will always plan and provide the most suitable technology. 


• Chlorinated hydrocarbons
• Fluorinated hydrocarbons 
• Brominated hydrocarbons
• Mineral-oil hydrocarbons
• Benzene, toluene, xylene
• Chlorobenzene
• Acids
• Odorants

The Technology