Ideas for a clean environment

„Removal of
 iron and manganese“

Iron Removal

Groundwater often contains soluble ferrous and manganous compounds which, when getting in contact with air, oxidize and convert into insoluble compounds (oxides, hydroxides). These may disturb processes such as seepage by choking up infiltration wells, or interfere with other conditioning or treatment processes.

After passage through the filter, the water is practically free of iron and manganese. Differential manometers are used to measure the pressure in the filters. When the latters' charge of ferrous and manganous compounds reaches a certain limit, a freely programmable process control system initiates the backwashing process. While one filter is backwashed, the water is passed through a second filter.

The solids-containing backwash water is then thickened by means of flocculating agents. The resulting sludge is dehydrated in a chamber press and disposed of in compliance with the relevant environmental protection legislation.

Fields of application

  • groundwater treatment
  • food industry
  • water works

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